"Exotic Wall Burger" Delivered Right to Your Door by Alec Haavik Friction Five


夜上海”是阿雷克磨擦乐队08年出的专辑。我们在此播放其中的第三首曲,名为“神秘的墙壁汉堡”,为庆祝Layabozi新成立的专栏。有关于这首曲目阿雷克这样解释道: “想象一家提供所有你理想食物的餐厅,从食物加工到放入你的盘中,都是来自于墙壁。在舞台上,一位饥饿的年轻管乐器表演者把一张声音“神奇墙纸”贴在墙上。 他像是在等待墙壁给他制作的汉堡吗?或许这首曲子的意境根本就没法描述!”

Ye Shanghai is the 2008 album by Alec Haavik Friction Five and we are playing the third song, “Exotic Wall Burger”, for the inauguration of this new section of Layabozi.

In the liner notes Alec explains the track like this: “Imagine a restaurant where any food you dream of will materialize, from the walls, onto your plate. Up on stage, a hungry young horn player layers the walls with an ‘Exotic Wallpaper’ of sound. Maybe he’s waiting for the wall to produce his burger? Or maybe this tune just can’t be explained!”

Alec Haavik Friction Five “Exotic Wall Burger”

*Photo by Trina Lion

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