Feldspar "Let The Time Run"

I think there’s a folk revival going on. Or maybe it’s just on my iPod. But either way, I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music recently, like the recently released The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. 1 by Feldspar. Feldspar is a new British alternative folk band made up of Will Green, Ben Lloyd-Evans, Jonny Burgess, James Foster and John Davies that plays melancholic, strongly instrumental, lyrical folk rock. The five-song EP The Flat and Paper Sky Vol 1 is their debut, and as the title suggests, the first of two releases from them this year.

Most of the songs on the debut soar pretty high and show off lead singer and lyricist Will Green’s songwriting strengths. The lyrics are backed up by strong instrumental melodies. It’s music that’s easy to listen to and easy to sing along to. I think what appeals to me most about Feldspar, and indeed, most new folk music, is that it deals with sincere, heartrending themes (don’t we all just want to feel sad sometimes?) like love and revolution and losing people and things. The songs tell a story. It’s a nice break from music that is produced to the point where it doesn’t sound like music anymore.

Also, Feldspar has cornered the market on what might be the best first stanza ever in their opening song “Let the Time Run”:

Those days I remember

Nothing left to protect

You were too young for sadness

And I was too ugly for sex.

Obviously I immediately Googled the band to find out if they were really too ugly for sex, and no, they’re not. However, I can see how they might have had an awkward adolescence, though apparently the only harm that did for them was give them plenty of material to write about later in life.


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