Fort Fairfield

Fort Faifield are the two brothers John and Tom Lück from Sweden. Tom says about themselves ” we used to create an atmospheric experimental music we called “shoegaze electronic”. Nowadays we have been teaming up with producer Egon Ramberget and guest vocalist like De Montevert, Brenden Beu of The Fearsome Sparrow, Cosima Lamberth, Marcus Wahlström, and more people too. Trying to do straight pop songs with more heart than brains. We are working on a new record, the title in work is The Straw Boys, and it’s including the persons mentioned above.”

Fort Faifield sounds like different things, most probably they are still developing their style and sound, and I like to check bands that are in process to discover themselves, sometimes they do surprising turns that one never expected to hear, the thing is that during the process if they are creating good sounds, nice to listen to, then we want to be part of their musical trip.  And it seems, this is the case.

Fort Fairfield – Patience (With Cosima Lamberth) by fortfairfield

Fort Fairfield – My Boys (With de Montevert) [Egon Ramberget Take] by fortfairfield

They are now working on the last details of their coming album in a cabin in Lönneberga, for which they already have produced a video for their single “Patience”, it’s a cool one.

Check their previous album too, The Dead Sea Scrolls.

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