Friend or Foe

One of the top events on music this week is Friend or Foe’s release of their new album My Claw Is Never Limp. I told you already that last week they had a listening party at Dada, that was my first listening of the album. When they play on the stage is very full with the colorful bouncing beasts that they are, music is strong still, but it feels way stronger when listening only the songs without seeing the weird egoes of these band.

There’s a lot to blame on the manic production done by Dennis Ming Nichols,  Acid Pony, and Friend or Foe themselves. All of them together mixing sounds, a power shake, either something awful or something awesome could resulted of that. Now you can figure this out by yourself  with this preview of My Claw Is Never Limp, while you warm your ears up for Friend or Foe’s concert this  Saturday at YuyinTang.

Double Down (孤注一掷) by friendorfoeband

Smith & Wesson (爱抢) by friendorfoeband

I Dont Wanna Touch It, But I Need It (不想碰却想要) by friendorfoeband

Snorting Clorox (一条漂白粉) by friendorfoeband

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