Groovemiki "Abstract People"

Groovemiki, Miki Wong, or just Miki when you talk with him, is one of the bandits behind Downtown Bar, the one cool place for music junkies in Tsingdao, where, by the way, they have a free flow of Tsingdao for half hour after midnight, it’s beer land after all.

Groovemiki is not only behind Downtown Bar, he also opened a DJ school, and is in focused action to empower electronic music in Tsingdao. Groovemiki is a fun DJ also, he brings energy to the booth like a punch of thunders and a storm of hot spicy M & Ms (hey Mars, China would love it).

Groovemiki is releasing soon his first EP, and “Abstract People” is the second track he has released on his Soundcloud.

Tsingdao making noise.


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