Guillermo, Guillermo, Everywhere!

I missed most of the Guillermo Klein media explosion last month, when it seems like all of New York was overwhelmed with happiness that he was visiting from Barcelona to make his first appearance at the Village Vanguard. There were a preview/feature and a concert review at the New York Times, an album review and an interview at AllAboutJazz, and another interview by bassist Reid Anderson on The Bad Plus’ website (spicy duck neckers in China will need a proxy for that one). Hippest of all, NPR put a whole concert on their website that you can hear for free. I had heard of him but not heard his music before this, and I am glad I finally did hear it. It’s not like anything I’ve heard before, but neither does it sound like it’s trying to be unlike anything I’ve heard before. His band, Los Guachos, has some big New York jazz names, but, as he says in his interviews, the music itself comes from other sources as much as it does from jazz. He mentions Ginastera, Luis Alberto Spinetta, and Bach, while the fact that the jazz guy who spoke to him most was Wayne Shorter sounded just right to me. Anyway, listen to the music! (But be patient with NPR’s media player though-it’s a bit wonky).

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