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I first heard about Helmet Compass because Reptile Youth (the new name of Reptile and Retard) shared a link to them on Facebook. I liked immediately their lo-fi easy-going sound style. Later I talked a bit with them, and I discovered a second reason to like them, they might be a bit delirious. They are promoting themselves as the “most productive band of Denmark”, though they are being serious about it, publishing a new EP every two months, to me the idea makes me think of clouds and rabbits, instead of music. I don’t really care if they publish every two,  six, or fifteen months, those numbers are not my deal. I do appreciate that they are concentrated in creating constantly, and into knowing how to flow with the production of their music. Though now I’m thinking deeper about this, this is probably what’s making their sound feel like easy-going, not having much time to develop deeper which in many cases is a great thing. However, what I most care about is if I like or not the final result of their work, their songs. And I do. I like their “neo-hippie” vibe, the psychedelic riffs, the lo-fi distorted strings, the singing with a tone of indolence, the stoners’ lyrics, and the long hairs too. I’d like to see them playing live. And since I got their albums I’ve been listening to them a lot. If you are into psychedelic stoner neo-hippie rock, then you will like Helmet Compass.

Their latest EP is The Heartbreak Sessions, I believe it’s a pretty lovely one. The Berlin Sessions, their previous one, is retro and up-all-night, I like it too. They have four more albums already done. And if they are following their own yellow road, then they will have a new one in six weeks or so.

You can find and download all Helmet Compass’ albums on their Bandcamp, and  more information on their Facebook page.

Here some of their songs.

If You See Me High by HLMTCMPSS



Carry The World by HLMTCMPSS

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