How to Dress Well, "& It Was U"

Just got a pleasant email from the good folks at Domino Records. Seems like the man How to Dress Well just released a new album called Total Loss. They hit us up with a link to the single off the album, & It Was U.

Check it out.

I really like this track, not only because the singer and maestro, Tom Krell, hails from my and Meredith’s home state of Colorado (also the place where Maché learned to murder the English language.)

No, I also like it because I’m a sucka for dat late-’80s, early ’90s R&B, like Jodeci, Hi-5, Silk, H-Town, and others. You know, slow jamz. Sometimes, if my lady friend ain’t around to make out with while I’m playing it, I might just go up to the full length mirror and give my reflection a nice long, lingering smooch, just to keep the technique tight.

And you can’t sweat the technique.

This track will suffice in that department for sure, so it passes the slow jam test. In fact, the wife happens to be out of town right now. I might just put this joint on repeat, step up to the mirror, and show myself how to undress well.

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