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Sweet news for all of us!

We are happy cheering with coffee and baijiu this morning. Since today Layabozi is rolling on and its circuit of music sites, we’ll now be sharing with Hypem’s big community of music lovers the music of the bands and musicians we enjoy to pimp on Layabozi. More ears for the music we are listening to. And more reasons for you to contact us and share your music with Layabozi, and to love us.

While starting our melodious friendship with Hypem, check their new album premiere: the English producer SBTRKT will release his first album at the end of this month. Listen to SBTRKY’s self-titled LP, you’ll hear sounds of dubstep, minimal, tribal drums, RnB, nice vocals, and, depending on your breakfast, who knows what else.  Enjoy!

… And now, also follow us on the hypem.

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