Indonesian Hardcore Compilation

This is the fifth volume of these series of compilations, Stay Together Vol. 5 features twenty one punk Indonesian bands with cool material for punk and hardcore lovers.

I never listened to these bands before but after listening to this album I’m very curious about seeing them live, it sounds like the scene there is rich. Now there’s a problem right now about this, and this is the story that comes with the album. Last December 2011 in Banda Aceh sixty four punk fans were arrested at a punk charity concert. And it seems the whole thing was very violent, the police shaved their hairs, and forced them into a lake to bathe (that’s not really a bad thing, though if it was violent it can be ugly), and they won’t release them until finishing a forced religious education to “make them better” (so many thing to say about that sentence, right?).

Apparently police are threatening punks with more arrests and religious re-education. The local religion, forbids gatherings of men and women together. And these concerts are for, well, both, of course. Plus local police sure don’t approve their looks and clearly this music can scare some people. But just to people that’s afraid in general I’d say, because if you don’t like it, then you can either turn it off, or not be there, but no need to forbid people to listen to it. Humans, we are really impressive, governed by fear and pushing ourselves to be all the same, to me it’s amazing that we are scare of diversity, like if flat and all gray would be something beautiful. Actually the other day I read this twitter by Jodorowsky (one of my heroes) saying “if you want to be like everybody else, you can go to live underground at the cementery”. Funny and true.

It’s not that music is revolutionary by itself, someone put there first the restrictions and walls forbidding freedom, we do it in our own minds to start (don’t run so fast to point your finger to the Indonesian police), then we hear music that inspires creativity and strength, and the walls shake to fall down, in our minds and in daily life, so then comes the reaction, in our minds and in the world too, we either accept it and flow with it or find excuses to say is not right. But isn’t possible, that if there’s something we don’t like, couldn’t we just move a bit far away and avoid it, letting it exist without us having to want to destroy it? Nobody has to like everything, that’s natural, but should we destroy things that we don’t like? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? …  “Ah! I don’t like avocado ice cream, so we should just take it out of the menu for ever”. Weird. With a little bit of will it’s always possible to find a good thing in something. There’s no good without bad, no nice, without ugly. It’s nature, dude.  Intolerance and lack of creativity are pretty frustrating. … Though well, they help us to value freedom and art. There you go.

So. This album is special because the guys at Tenzenman are giving away 100% of the sales of the digital edition, and 50% of the sales of the physical edition to help the punk community there. So if you use credit cards and like freedom and like punk, or have a friend who does, then be nice, buy it. Because that money will be well used by them. These guys, anyway, should probably organize better to stop this silly repression, or grab all the punks in town and come to live to Shanghai or anywhere else where punk concerts are not against the local religion. (wow)






Stay Together Vol. 5 on Tenzenmen’s Bandcamp.

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