JZ Festival Special – Noukilla "Sekiriter La Vie"

The countdown to JZ Festival has started, to get in the mood we have an special series of Listen To’s with pieces of the music you will hear, see, dance, and celebrate during the week that the festival is on.

Noukilla is the sum of  Shanghai’s sounds of jazz and soul, and the groove of Mauritius’ sega, that chilled beat that is easy to forget with Shanghai’s mad run against time. It’s not an oxymoron, but the memory of a missing element that is very easy to activate whenever your will is up to enjoy. This is the vibe of Noukilla’s music.

All the members of Noukilla are music monsters, they are those kind of guys that any band wants, their ability to play music goes beyond reason, something similar to Brazilian football players. You know. They have that thing. Maybe one day DNA scientists will be able to identify the music gen and then when we all will be transgenic people we will be able to give our children music talent that way. While things are still mysteriuosly working for us, let me tell you, that being around Noukilla’s vibe is like what it would be to get high on pills of that music gen. These guys breath, drink, and well, yes, poo, music.

“Sekiriter La Vie”, security of life, was composed by the lead singer of the band Mr. Gilbert Kuppusami, who, by the way, is also one of the grandpa’s in Shanghai’s jazz circuit being in Shanghai for over eleven years. “Sekiriter La Vie” is a song that reminds of Youssou N’Dour’s tunes with that African swing that smells to soil, wind, and sun. This is a song about moving on and letting go all the bad vibes that might try to stop your positive evolution. So if you feel like taking your shoes off, and dreaming of freedom and warm sand on your feet, then you are listening right.



Noukilla will play at JZ Festival on Saturday 20th at 2pm on the The River Stage.

Find more about Noukilla on their official website.

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