JZ Festival Special – Ron Carter "The Golden Striker"


The countdown to JZ Festival is ON, to get in the mood we have an special series of Listen To’s with pieces of the music you will hear, see, dance, and celebrate during the week that the festival is on.

Ron Carter is one of the delis joining JZ Festival this year. He will start the series of four concerts at The Masters Hall,  these concerts that will happen the week after the festival at the park at the Shanghai Center Theater.

Ron Carter is a living music legend, first of all and most importantly because he plays double bass with maestry. As the legend he is he has million stories to tell besides the beautiful music he has to share with us. Among his stories are the hundreds of albums he has been part of, or his times playing along Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Tony Williams, or his moment with A Tribe Called Quest, or with our dear Mike’s favorite Gato Barbieri… Add to that all the live sessions, the albums recorded, the juicy stories with Miles, the tours around the world, and all what he could tell us about music, he is a heavy weight cat. I am pretty sure these stories must be easy to listen in his music.

“The Golden Striker” is the song that gives the name to the album released on 2003 where Carter plays in a trio formation along with Mulgrew Miller (piano) and Russell Malone (guitar), and as you will listen this is a trio without drummer, which is somehow the cool thing here, the abscense of drums gives the space to Mr. Carter to express his power over the rhythym section, basically he needs no drums to create a groovy swing. I thought symbals were fundamental for swinging, but there you go. Listen carefully, and say you are not swinging the jazz in “The Golden Striker”, I dare you.



Ron Carter Quartet will play at JZ Festival on Tuesday, October 23rd at 8PM on Shaghai Center Theater.

Find more about Ron Carter on his official website.


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