Krusht "Everything Is Beautiful"

This one has rainbows, butterflies, and moonlight. It’s a simple, light, easy going happy tune.

Krusht is Kaveh, from Los Angeles, and Krusht is his project with less than a year of life.  About this track Kaveh told us “I wrote this song in a series of vocal based beats that will be put together to create the album Hyperchill.  The album starts out with tracks from 60-100 bpm and then builds itself to 128 bpm, intending to entrance the listener in to a psychedelic dance experience, this track is part of the ‘peak’ of the album.  I wrote it after seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show which opened my eyes to different walks of life and realizing that EVERYTHING, even if it appears odd and ugly at first, contains its own beauty, because it is part of this universe.  That is what I want people to feel when listening to this song, I want them to be able to strip away their pre-conceptions from the day and be able to lose themselves to each other and the universe at night.” I like that idea, and you know, music can do magic.

Listen to “Everything Is Beautiful”, and then go to Krusht’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages for more.



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