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A Shoreline Dream is shoegaze-drenched night band from Denver. “103” is the final song on a series of three EPs that were released once a month for three months during the spring of 2012. The promo about them says “each disc plays a role to what was going on during these secluded sessions, which is ever-present while listening to them with ears open and eyes shut. The first EP Three is a trip to the sand dunes, the second, 3, takes place in their Barnum-based studio, and the final EP III was written with driving in mind, as each song is dedicated to the roads the band used to test their tracks. ”

“103” is made to enjoy while driving the highest paved road in the States, Ryan Policky from the band explains ” this track was an experiment, and maybe one of our most unique songs, with our first song as A Shoreline Dream having a female influence. It’s a driving track that truly brings to mind driving.”

The 333 EP Limited Edition Box Set is a available exclusively through toneVendor, with a quantity of only 100 pieces. The Box Set includes three custom digipak CDs, with each copy hand-numbered and signed by the band.

“103” is not long enough to drive all along the highway that was made for, but to me it feels like is one of those songs that can be played over and over again thanks to a nice melody and a dreamy atmosphere.


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