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I think that this is the first genre I have ever followed that was created by some crackpot blogger.

Do you miss the early ’90s?

I sure do.

Do you remember the times? Fluorescent-colored jams, flattops, and Vision Streetwear? The original Nintendo?

What’s not to like?

What was going on musically in the early ’90s? Paula Abdul, MC Hammer, Hi-5, Color Me Badd, and the like. Bell Biv Devoe, anyone? That shit was dope! (“Poison” and/or “Do Me” still rate as the most replayable in the club tracks, for sure.)

No, nothing? Are you sure?

Let me jog your memory:

Remember now? This was my youth, and I think it might have been many others’. I was not a punk kid or a metal head. I listened to the radio, especially KS104. In many of your hometowns it is probably now the “urban” station. You know, the one owned by ClearChannel where they play the same track 6 times per hour and the rest is commercials? But back in the day (I know, two miles in the snow, uphill both ways), they played some of the catchiest pop known to man. Casey Casem’s Top 40, anyone?


Never mind. Now there’s a whole new genre where newly-aging losers like myself can relive the bygone era while gaining indie cred. And that genre is Chillwave. It’s the bastard love child of trashy radio jams and uber-serious hipster art. It’s a win-win, baby!

Short story even shorter. There’s a few bands who might be one- or two-person projects. They may or may not use laptops a lot. They usually make super catchy musics. Ergo, they are dope and they play a lot in my house and earphones. So maybe you should check them out, too.

That’s it, short and sweet. I’m starting to think that the “Listen To” series should become tweets. You know, if that were legal.

[gplayer href=”″ ] Neon Indian’s Deadbeat Summer [/gplayer]

[gplayer href=”″ ] Toro y Moi’s Low Shoulder [/gplayer]

[gplayer href=”″ ] Washed Out’s Get Up [/gplayer]

Keep the early ’90s alive!

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