Listen To: Daniela Mercury and Rita Lee

I’m done with winter, absolutely done, finished, over, exhausted by it. This is my protest against the cold days, the grayness, the extra layers of clothes. I’m calling for spring. Actually, I want summer to be here already. Hot, happy days. To summon them, here is some Brazilian female power.

Daniela Mercury is one of the great divas of Brazilian pop music, and this song, “O Canto da Cidade” (“The Song of the City”), is her hymn. This is a song for parties on the beach (cities with beaches!), for coconuts with fresh alcoholic poisons, for bare feet encrusted with sand, and dirty hands with salt and cream. Football games, loud music, sun rays, smiles, and fresh air and water. Need anything else?

[gplayer href=”″ ] Daniela Mercury “O canto da cidade” [/gplayer]

Rita Lee is a great Brazilian diva, also. Rita though, is from the beginnings of the rock scene in the Green Country. She was one of the founders of the now classic band Os Mutantes. “Lança Perfume” (“Throw Perfume”) is a carnival classic from the end of the 70s, 1980 to be exact. Funk, disco, and Brazilian spring right on to your speakers. Play it loud, very loud, to bring on the spring. Cheers!

[gplayer href=”ça-Perfume.mp3″ ] Rital Lee “Lança Perfume” [/gplayer]

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