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Is this the Year of South Africa? I’m not sure, but they do have the World Cup and Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for The Answer). I don’t know much about Die Antwoord beyond the facts that they are from Cape Town and they are effing hilarious. I can’t tell if they are being ironic or absolutely dead serious. If it’s the former, it’s pretty funny; if it’s the latter, I might just pee myself laughing. Check out their website.

Die Antwoord consists mainly of rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. They burst onto the scene recently due to the online success of the video for their song “Enter the Ninja”. Now they have an album called $O$ (seen, with ridiculous cover art, at left), they are going to make a video with the dude who did District 9, they might work with Diplo, and they are signed to Interscope Records.

I’m pretty sure people who look this funny have never had so much success. Good for them.

Will Die Antwoord be remembered in 10, hell, even 2 years? Most likely not. But I’m feeling them. This might be exactly what we need right now. Let’s have some tracks, shall we?

Enter the Ninja Rich Bitch

Rap + Electro = Rap-rave.

Rap-rave + Bangs + South African ne’er-do-wells = Comedy.

Die Antwoord = Like totally ruling me right now.

UPDATE: Behold the coolest interview ever via VICE Magazine Online.

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