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Facundo Cabral was one of the icons of protest music in Latin America. He was from Argentina, he lived in exile in Mexico for eighteen years, he was designated “worldwide messenger of peace” by the United Nations because his music. His music was folk music, and part canto nuevo. He was also a poet, and a writer, his books were translated to many languages including Chinese.

Last Saturday Facundo Cabral was shot to death after finishing a tour in Guatemala, when on the way to the airport. He had cancer for many years, and he knew he was not going to live much longer, he even declared on an recent interview that he was ready to die, but it’s very sad that at the end he died in a violent way. He gave a lot of inspiration, motivation, and hope with his art to many people, specially during the 80’s when so many countries were ruled by dictators in Latin America. There’s a quote from him that I like a lot “every singer is one less soldier”, so idealistic, and hippie, right? but however beautiful.

This song “No soy de aqui, ni soy de alla” (I’m not from here, I’m not from there) is one of his most popular ones.

Facundo Cabral — No Soy De Aqui, Ni Soy De Alla

More  about Facundo Cabral work on wikipedia, and on the recent news on the BBC, and The New York Times, and more.

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