Listen To: Galactic's Liquor Pang

“Ain’t no shame like a pang for some liquor, man,” Galactic confesses on their album Ya-Ka-May. Wow, I think, did somebody write this tune about boozing it up in Shanghai? A gravelly voice, muddy electronica, and tense drum rolls lead us into the Galactic netherworld; menacing horns drag us down to the seedy underbelly of a city in which we’re all “making bad decisions with the money [we] earn,” doing wicked deeds in the small hours of the morning.  Galactic is a five-piece band from New Orleans, U.S.A, a city best known for having lively music at funerals, as well as its rich musical history which helped give birth to jazz. Ya-Ka-May features a host of collaborators in what becomes a rollicking review of the contemporary music scene in New Orleans, from jazz to R&B to hip-hop, but it’s this song’s subject matter and dark feel that pack a punch, as though the Devil himself is leading a brass band. “What I say, I’m gonna say it again, if you can’t stay slow you got to get up to the fast lane.” Words to live by.

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