Listen To: Teleprompter "Boxcutter" — R3 Remix

Teleprompter has been playing in their hometown Brisbane, and all around Australia since 2006. Last May they released their first album, the self-titled EP with five tracks includes R3’s remix of  their first single, “Boxcutter”.

Teleprompter – Boxcutter (R3mix) by RThree

R3 — STD’s Reggie — has a wide range of music styles in him, among them there’s one that’s probably his most popular sonic identity, the one that you can hear when he Djs, and when he is dancing spasmodically with rhythmic shocks following the high pitch drums. This is the sound of this remix he produced for Teleprompter’s single.

Listen to the original recording of “Boxcutter”  on Teleprompter’s Myspace page.

Watch your grandmother on the video of R3 remix “Boxcutter” on Youtube. Seriously.

Buy, and listen to Teleprompter’s EP on their Bandcamp page.

Read more about S.T.D. on their new blog WeAreSTD.

More music by R3 on his Soundcloud page.

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