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Thruoutin is Brad Seippel, from the U.S. Thruoutin released his first album, the EP I know You’re My Voicemails, on 2006. Right after he tour around the States with other bands, and later on 2009 he came back to tour to North America, this time also around Canada. Currently he is based in Beijing, during his life in China he has played around the Republic with The Antidote, and now he is coming back to Shanghai to play today at Lune, and tomorrow at YuyinTang.

Thruoutin’s instrument is his computer loaded with Ableton Live 8, and since last year he also plays the pipa on his electronic sets. He is working on a new album that will be release during 2011’s winter. The album is being recorded and mixed by Michael Winkler of Yan Tiao.

Those are the facts. Now listen to Thruoutin’s beats, check his tempos, and his style to shape sounds. Do you like what you hear? Get more tonight at Lune, and tomorrow around 7.30 pm at YuyinTang.


Chicano Heaven Blast by thruoutin

Are You Continue? by thruoutin

Find more about Thruoutin on his Douban page, and on his Myspace page. Also download his first EP I know You’re My Voicemails (for those in China, you’ll need a VPN to get it).

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