Listen To: X is Y Summer and Winter Warfare

T-5 hours for the launch of X is Y and Boys Climbing Ropes split album Summer And Winter Warfare at YuyinTang.

Summer and Winter Warfare includes six tracks, three from each band. Now we know both bands recorded more tracks with Brad Ferguson, but those will be release some other time.  Or you can try and manipulate emotionally any of the  members of the two bands tonight and get them in advance.

Now we got the track list of Summer and Winter Warfare, and the second song of X is Y “Anyway”.

X is Y – Anyway

Track List:

X is Y

1. Controlling

2. Anyway

3. 2 of Us

Boys Climbing Ropes

4. The Knitting Song

5. Socially Awkward

6. Grow Up, Stop Fucking Around

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