Marika Hackman “You Come Down"


Marika Hackman is one of these “new” folk types—a singer-songwriter musician who’s taking folk music influences and turning out some nice, harmonious stuff. Take, for example, her single “You Come Down.” It’s a little bit Fleet Foxes, a little bit Bon Iver, and if you listen to the lyrics, a little bit dark.

The song is rich and fluid, sometimes sad and melancholy, with vocals that float above lush choruses and melodies. Instrumentals are simple and sweet, like Hackman’s voice. But what keeps her songs from being saccharine are the lyrics. Never have the words, “Peel back my skin/let the daffodils in/as you bury me back to my birth” sounded so sweet.


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  1. Divina

    I absolutely adore Marika Hackman. <3


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