Mika Martini Remix Los Embajadores' "Peso"


Chilean producer Mika Martini (founder of the netlabel Pueblo Nuevo) just released the remix of “Peso”, the first single of the debut album of the Chilean band Los Embajadores, Faisanes.

Faisanes was released on March this year, and it’s been positively reviewed. The LP is available for free download from the website of Los Embajadores’ record label, Michita Rex.

“Peso” was remixed by another four producers too, the collection is available in an online set, and includes the work of Gepe, another important producer from Chile. The single also got an interesting video filmed in Santiago, and directed by Rosario Gonzalez.

[Vimeo video]


LOS EMBAJADORES – PESO from Michita Rex on Vimeo.

Direct download the album Faisanes of Los Emabajadores.

Listen to the set of remixes of “Peso” on Los Embajadores’ Soundcloud. Check Mika Martini’s netlabel Pueblo Nuevo, there are a lot of great albums there to download for free.

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