Mkrni (Makaroni) "Humedad"


Dry pasta and cheese seem to be very popular all over the world. We got our own Macaronians in Shanghai, but they are not the only ones, there’s a lot of them around the world, just do a search on Soundcloud, or on any search engine. Besides the Shanghainese musical edition of the famous pasta, there’s also a Chilean version. Aha. Makaroni, also written, Mkrni.

Mkrni are a trio using synths,  keyboards, drum machines, and effects. Since their beginnings in 2008 they have produced three albums, and done five international tours, plus lots of gigs in Chile of course. They call their music psyco-tropical, we are in the right weather to play their music.

Mkrni just released a fun collection of remixes of some of their songs, available for free download. In this collection is the remix of “Humedad”, a song released in 2011 with their album Jumper. The remix produced by DJ Parejas from Argentina, is a great track for these days. The lyrics: “Hace calor, hace calor… hace calor, hace calor” … well, what can I say… this is the mantra of these days, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, yes it is, and I definitely like it better than winter, stuck to the air-con and all, way better than winter.


And this is the video for the original version of “Humedad”.

[Youtube video]



Find more information about Mkrni on their website.

Download Mkrni’s Remix collection.

Get their previous releases from Mkrni’s Bandcamp page.

Find more information about DJ Parejas on his official website.



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