Neonfaith "Mercury"

Neonfaith is an indie electronic band from New York formed by Fef and Lay. They grew up in Queens, New Yors, and have been making music for a while each on their own side, then a couple of years ago they got together. Later they recruited Megan to sing and write lyrics. Now the three of them have mixed their own worlds, as it happens, a new sound was created.

Neonfaith is a very young band wishing to make a living off their music to dedicate all their time and energy to do what they love, making music. They sure want to be big, but they add to that “we also hope to keep ourselves indie and respecting the roots of our music’s humble origins”.  I like bands that think like that, ambitious but focused in what is really important for their project.

Megan told us “I’ve briefly touched upon the members of our group, but it includes Lay, who is a master at producing and engineering tracks in his basement. He feeds off of Fef, who is a trained piano player, and together they use their creative abilities to generate interesting sounds. They play the tracks for me and I write lyrics over them. It’s a very give-and-take process with everyone generating different ideas to the others. We have very different backgrounds musically (I listen to a lot of alternative rock and 60s soul, and Lay and Fef have a lot of indie electronica as well as old school funk in their iTunes). We try to feed off of each other to create something unusual that hasn’t been done before, but at the same time has an infectious pop quality. We hope that you agree and that you like what we’ve been putting out so far.

“Mercury” has a sweet atmosphere, it travels through warm spaces, Megan’s voice is lovely, the details of the arrangement are stylish, and there is no abuse of any tool, all that makes it a nice song worth our attention. They are releasing new singles very often, there is more to check on their Soundcloud.


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