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GrecoNubian is the band of Nicholas Bouloukos. Greek jazz, mostly produced in China, with a line up of musicians from the West and the East that rotates depending the location of the gigs, its music composed and arranged by Nicholas Bouloukos, who was living in Shanghai for many years, he is still around China, but now in Shenzhen.

We have hyped Bouloukos’ music a couple of times before,  Mike once described him correctly as a “a discerning American badass of the piano” when introducing Boulouku’s Playlist. A couple of weeks ago, I listened to GrekoNubian’s page on Soundcloud and I had a very nice time, there are nice recordings of  a legendary moment for GrecoNubian, when they went to perform to Princeton last year.  All the ten tracks on their Soundcloud page are definitely a nice way to use your time. Here are two of them, to start.

“Ruminations” an original of Bouloukos, it was recorded at JZ Club last year, and it features Nicholas Bouloukos on piano, Alec Haavik on tenor saxophone, Chris Trzcinski on drums, and Gavin Fallow on bass. This is a great line up, all extra talented musicians. And this song is fun, and deep, it dances with a Latin tempo, a Panama hat, and sharp brown jazzy shoes. It has the smell of a smart foxy looking cat. “Ruminations” is a lovely moment of indie jazz.



“Klirothika” begins at the dusk by Mediterranean lands, the trombone by Andy Hunter brings in a vibe that reminds me of Kusturica’s images and music, the fresh swing of the song, the hypnotizing saxophone by Alec Haavik, they all create a mood that is specially nostalgic and smiling, the trombone blows breeze into the tune. The quality of the recording puts the piano even further than the bass, which is not the ideal of course, but somehow gives to the track a home made touch that again makes me think about the coolness of indie jazz.

This is an original song of Giorgos Dalaras.



Listen to more music by Nicholas Bouloukos on his Soundcloud page.

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