Nickles, The Tongue-in-Beats Sampler


Just got to this offering by the man Nichols of Rainbow Danger Club, Death to Giants, Death to Ponies, and Death to the Dreams of Bass Cabs fame.

Staying true to his heritage– half -Asian, half-mono-toothed Southern American, half-Russian composer (?) — Nichols has out-done himself with a three-song sampler of freak-out beats. He released it as a present on his birthday. Giving others a present on his own birthday. Now isn’t that generous?

I really like the first song “Shanghai Love Song, or 多少钱?” It reminds me a lot of Onra’s “The Anthem” and that is a good thing because I really love it. Saw Onra do that live at The Shelter and I can’t wait to see Nichols rocking this live with his fake grillz in.

Check out the Nickles Tongue-in-Beats Sampler.


More about Nickles on his Bandcamp page.


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