Nickles’ Tongue in Beats 3


Tongue in Beats, the astounding Nickles remix project, is maturing like a finely aged huang jiu.

In this, his third installment, nicknamed Star-Spangled Beats, you can hear the sampled flavors intertwine more subtly, creating a more nuanced, full-bodied concoction.

The most quaffable tracks of the four on offer here are the middle two, “Mother Tongue” and “Genesis”.

On “Mother Tongue”, Dizzee Rascal’s spastic rhymes are mixed expertly with Led Zeppelin and Queen, as well as some patriotic anthems. “God Save the Queen” and “The Star-Spangled Banner”: ever heard of them?

“Genesis” melds ingeniously the proggy goodness of the band of the same name and the coarse lyrics of a few gangsta rappers. I especially like the shout-outs section, where Nickles drops in a few local surprises.

The other tracks, “D’yer Pan’ner” and “Båckerei” are also good, but they have the feel of an intro and outro, while the other two seem to be the meat of the order.

As usual, the generous mixologist has offered these tracks as a donation-only download with no minimum. So it’s imperative you go and hit them up on its Bandcamp.




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