Nickles’ Tongue in Beats II

Nichols (or Nickles, if you prefer), Rainbow Danger Club bassist/producer, has released another taste of his Tongue in Beats project, which should be totally ruling Russia right now.

For this second sampler, Nichols has created a bastard love child out of the unholy union of “some old tracks from one of my favorite bands, RUSH, against some Russian dialogue, Biggie Smalls, Dead Prez, Britney Spears, Rainbow Danger Club (who the heck are they?) Czarnok, Lil Flip and more.”

I’m really happy that Nichols is doing this and it feels of-the-moment, with the whole Mixtape Movement, which has been dominating hip hop. The genre of Hip hop was built upon thievery, taking beats and samples from older songs and making a new animal, so it is a reclaiming of sorts from the time when, realizing there was money to be made, old men and lawyers got into it, which ruined everything.

But then the artists took everything back by taking money out of the equation. That’s where the mixtapes come in

If you check out the site, along with countless other megaupload-type sites, you will find some of the best music of today being put out on mixtapes. And then there’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp, which have helped artists and fans immensely.

These sites contain original sounds that may or may not have been created from something that someone else originally created. And what’s wrong with that? That’s how we propagate culture and styles. That’s how awareness grows. The snake eats its tail and realizes it tastes pretty good.

Nichols’s plundering of existing material also reminds me of another movement that was seminal in musical theft, the Plunderphonics set and people of their ilk, such as The Residents, Negativland, Christian Marclay, Matmos, The Avalanches, et al.

These people’s credo is to use pre-existing (sometimes copyrighted) sounds to make art. It is a mission for which they don’t get enough credit, although their music is somewhat difficult to listen to in many cases.

Some interesting stories from their careers:

Negativland got into a flap with U2 and their record company, Island Records, when they released a version of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” mixed with an outtake of legendary DJ Casey Kasem talking shit about U2.

Christian Marclay is most famous for breaking records and gluing them back together in a way that they can be played and beheld as pieces of visual art.

Matmos, among many other amazing things, made a song out of the sounds that came from a rhinoplasty.

Recently, there have been many, many other artists to make mash ups, mixtapes, and other retarded shit out of existing material. And I like most of it. Hell, someone even mixed Neutral Milk Hotel with gangsta rap and it’s not pretty good!

All of this is to say that Nichols is treading in some fantastic water and here we are in a position to enjoy it. You probably have sipped purple drank next to him at Yuyintang.

So you should do that download thing on his Bandcamp page.





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