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“You And Me” is the first track of the long awaited new album of PK14, 1984.

It begins the album with musical strength and a heavy conviction, the band’s’ harmonies and melodies have evidently matured, there’s less chaos and more clarity in their music, but there’s a trick behind this apparent evolution, in the shadow of the welcoming melody, there’s still the chaos and confusion I remember of the younger PK14. This duality between order and chaos, maturity and raw innocence, pop and punk, this is what I think you should keep in mind for a full listening experience as the album is revealed by Maybe Mars during the next weeks.

Yang Haisong’s lyrics “You and me walked a long, long road / You and me once left the world behind us / You and me once heard their jeering laughs / They welcomed us to the world of being controlled / I’ve already forgotten everything that’s happened / I live in a world without truth / I’ve already forgotten everything that’s happened / That which is miraculous couldn’t be more miraculous / That which is dead couldn’t be more dead.”

“You And Me” opens 1984 taking us straight to the point to what will be the core of the album, musically and lyrically “You And Me” is about the confusion created by the fake reality that results from dishonest communication in daily life. Listen to the heaviness of the tempo and the main melody, it drags you easily in, the cadence helps a lot, and if you are not paying attention you might just fall for it and pay for being a sucker because the dissonant chaos of the strings in the back, the lost keys that can’t be jazz, those unwell sounds hiding in the shadow, those are the soul of this song. The soul in conflict … with establishment, with the world of being controlled.

“You And Me” can’t be but a bullet shot straight to the main conflict that gives life to 1984.


1984 will be officially released on August 29th by Maybe Mars.

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