Reflector "Goodnight Beijing"


I present you with a song by a band that has been around for a while and represents a genre of music that is close to my heart. On top of that I feel like this song is a perfect song for my last few weeks here in China. “Goodnight Beijing” (晚安北京) by Reflector  aka 反光镜乐队.

Great music is anything that you feel connected to. Sometimes the intended meaning of the song may not have the same meaning for you. Reflector (反光镜乐队), as we all know, is one of the older bands in the Beijing punk scene. And because of their age or popularity maybe they have sold out a bit or as much as one can sell out in China.

This song though for me is a closing on my time in China. It’s not really a good night but rather a goodbye song. I think most people can have some connection to a song like this. It’s not as hard and fast as punk can be, but rather a bit more melodic while still maintaining and easy chord progression. I’ve listened to this song in the past and found it to be more upbeat personally, but as my time runs out I find it to be more somber feeling. A sign of timeless good music, in my opinion, as you grow the music grows with you finding new meaning. Give it a listen yourself and see what you get out of it, but either way you’re sure to find something this song will do for you. And if the song alone doesn’t do it for you, well the video shows glimpses of the city I’ve had in my backyard for the past seven years. So for me it’s now become goodbye Beijing.


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