Soundgarden "Been Away Too Long"


Yes. Yes. And YES!

Talking about new albums!

They were away too long indeed. Soundgarden is back. They never left my playlist, but how sweet is to have new songs from them. I just go t the album, King Animal, released this week, pressed played, and the first thing I thought was how awesome is to hear the voice of Chris Cornell after a year of too many sweet-loving-positive indie-rock-pop pink tunes. Hell yeah! ROCK! I was needing a dose of this.

There are world wide popular bands that deserve the extreme popularity, music that you wish everybody would hear, because it is great. Soundgarden is one of those.

How long ago was it? Sixteen years ago. Six-teen! 16! Fucking long ago. Whatever, who cares about it, now I’m listening to King Animal I’m forgetting the winter, and my blood is getting warmer and warmer with each beat. I have to control a bit the energy to focus and write about this song, it makes me feel like jumping, dancing, yelling, it turns on the radiation from the source of power.

“Been Away For Too Long”, the first track of King Animal, a bomb to tear down all obstacles, and set us on fire. Notice how Cornell has exactly the same madly powerful voice, after sixteen years he still is The master of the circus. Matt Cameron’s drums are demonic, textures are everywhere, the control of the tension is precise, he is the one that is raising the body temperature of the thousands of rock fans that are celebrating this week as we communicate. Ben Shepard pushes the limits that at this point one can wonder if there are any. And Kim Thayil, the other commander of Soundgarden, drives the madness with sharp dexterity. Pure explosive greatness. This is fearless. Rock is breathing.



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