The Bat Pajamas

I never thought about bats wearing pajamas until I got the links to listen to this band from Toronto, a couple of minutes after I clicked play I accepted the idea. Batman must wear pajamas the few times he sleeps alone.

The self-titled first LP of The Bat Pajamas, produced by Steve Albini, it’s a pretty great album, if you like garage rock you should get it. After I listened to it I felt like I’d love to go to a concert of these guys, they sound like they are having fun, and like they could impress a crowd.

I also like a lot the story of their origin. As they told us, “David [vocal and guitar], fresh out of school and full of sugar, visited a palm-reader who informed him that he would be in a rock band called, The Bats Pajamas. Guy [vocal and guitar] had recently sprained his ankle while on safari and was taken to the nearest medical center. Unfortunately, the nearest medical center wasn’t for a hundred miles, so he was brought to a local witch doctor, who informed him that he would be in a rock band called, The Bats Pajamas“.

After changing bass player, plus moving their drummer, Guy,  to the front at the guitar and vocals, and getting a new drummer, The Bat Pajamas are now almost ready to release their second LP, Totally.  Totally should be release when the weather is warmer, way warmer, Spring or Summer of this year. For now we have the scoop with two songs of Totally. And because these two won’t be enough, I think, you should also get their first album that’s free for download on their bandcamp page.

The Bats Pajamas – Sarai by thebatspajamas

The Bats Pajamas – Red Scared by thebatspajamas

Watch videos of The Bat Pajamas of “Sarai”, and “Red Scared”.

Download their first LP The Bat Pajamas on their Bandcamp page.

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