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You know those people who like to eat all their food mashed up together and they explain it by saying, with a maniacal, toothy grin, “It’s all going to the same place!”?

The ones who get a plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast and proceed to slice it all together with a fork and knife then douse it all with Tabasco? The ones who swear by maple syrup on ham? Or those who worship at the altar of cottage cheese and something weird like pineapple or peaches?

Yeah, those people.

I might be wrong, but I’m going to guess that the boys from The Hood Internet are those sorts of people. What makes me make such an outrageous accusation?

It’s their music, a seemingly antithetical mixture of popular rap and indie rock tracks that taste so good together you wonder why no one ever thought to smash them together before.

We all know about mashups. We all used to listen to Girl Talk with our friends and reminisce about the greatest hits of our adolescence. The Hood Internet is like that, but they are not as schizophrenic. They tend to make one-song bangers that seem like those perfect, happy marriages that only exist on TV sitcoms.

Except, unlike marriages and sitcoms, which drag on and on, these relationships clock in between two and three minutes. It’s like they took they best parts of matrimony, edited out all the mundane, and made it the length of an afternoon quickie, with a big, fat orgasm at the end. Perfect. I will ride with The Hood Internet ‘til death do us part.

They have a new mixtape out this month, their sixth, and you should go snag it for free.

Really. Go right now.

And then thank us in the comments.


Find more about The Hood Internet on their official website.

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