The XX New Single "Angels"


The XX just released the first song of their forthcoming album Coexist, to be released in September under Young Turks label. It’s been less than twenty four hours since “Angels” was released and already the counter is close to a gogol of  hits.

It was a bold move to choose this song as the first one to promote their coming album. This is not a song to win more listeners. “Angels” is so quiet that is just one sec away from silence, this is the charm of it, a risky charm though, because as it’s one sec from silence, it’s also one step away from boring, depending from where you listen to it. Also, if you are in love and in a positive mood then you might like the theme, but then if you are not, or you have an even small tendency to appreciate irony, then this song might be closer to be slushy. If you are already a fan of The XX then you might like it, but if you are not, then now it is more clear to you that The XX is not your band. I liked XX, now I’m not so sure I’ll like Coexist.


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Welcome to the first in an irregular series of XL newsletters. Today is special because The xx release Angels into the world, the first song from their forthcoming album Coexist, out on Young Turks in September.

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