thruoutin & Torturing Nurse (Tape Split)


Noise noise noise, thruoutin and Torturing Nurse met and came out with this EP that contains five tracks of sounds that, strangely, will bring memories up to your mind if you live or have lived in China. White noise and China’s sound landscape are the leitmotif of this record that sounds more like the track of a movie than a collage of noises, which is what I usually get from noise records.

thruoutin says about the record, ” it’s full of field recordings and as you might have expected lots of noise. It’s a pretty harsh listen, but I think lots of people could really enjoy it”.

The record released independently has a limited edition of one hundred copies. The album art was done by Beijing based artist Gao Yuan. All the tapes were made in Beijing. Physical copies are available at Uptown Records in Shanghai, and Fruity Shop in Beijing, and on Taoabo.

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