Tongue-in-Beats Sampler 4: Valentine Beats

Faithful readers will remember I have been chronicling the adventures of Nickles (RMB, Wu Mao, Dennis Ming Nichols, etc.) for a while now.

The Mad Sampler is back with a new installment featuring a Valentine’s Day theme (and a whole lot of Collective Soul.) Maybe you can gift it to your significant other if you really biffed the whole Valentine’s Day experience. That should set things right.

Looking for a recommendation to warm you on those long, cold nights? Try some “Excessive Touching”.

This song was commissioned for the Friend or Foe remix album “What Have You Done With My Claw?!?!” and brings the band together with INXS and Hammer.

I also like the too-hot-for-Bandcamp Biggie verse at the end of “Let’s Get It On (Collective Souljah Mashup)”.

The venerable old “Rite of Spring” also makes a pleasing appearance.

There much more available so let’s get it on.

Also, Nickles will be playing live this weekend (March 2nd) with one of his other projects, Death to Giants. They are releasing their debut album at Yuyintang with Spill Your Guts, iAmalam, and Astrofuck in support. 30 RMB gets you in the door and 20 RMB gets you a CD (they will be 40 later.)

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