Valentines Aftermath

Yesterday the power went off around noon, exactly when I was in the middle of writing an essay about disturbed characters in pop music in the eighties. It took almost five hours to find someone that would know what to do, and then to fix the problem. When I finally made it back to my paper, I was with a different mood, so new points of view too. …Pop stars that had problems to be “normal people” (!?) were just chronic unhappy people singing about euphoric fake realities who consequently lost the balance between light and darkness, turning them into beings of twisted morals, which ended destroying the reputation of pop music, and for many people the reputation of human kind’s taste too.  This is not reality.  I took a break, checked emails and social networks and I found out a bunch of links to music, all really great music, most of them presented due to Valentine’s day, and the rest maybe just coincidentally, or not, with a romantic introduction.

I’m happy we are in the future finally. Now we know, pop was meant for dinosaurs. I don’t mind Valentines, I love good music.

R3’s new remix.

Bjork – Joga (Don’t Speak, I Feel R3mix) by RThree

Urban Waves new album Separated from the Sun of Jo Twist. Download it free on its bandcamp page.

Jo Twist – Flora Of L.A. (Out Now!) by Urban Waves

Mochipet’s happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day From Mochipet 1320 and STS9 (STS9 – Scheme – Mochipet Remix) Free Download by Mochipet

Heatwolves and the Super Ayi Cleaning Team with the romantic side of Love Bang

HEARTBEATS [阿姨爱巢] by Heatwolves

King Fisher with a mix featuring ChaCha

$$ by king_fisher

And this awesome video by Dan Shapiro of Lamb of God, or a Valentines in Shanghai and how much we love rock.

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