Xiao He's "90's"


“90’s” is the fifth song of Silly’s Ballad the latest album released by Xiao He.

The more I listen to Xiao He’s music the more convinced I am that he is one of the best producers of beats and loops that I’ve heard. His beats have soul, and his loops, subtle textures welcoming you to be his accomplice. His music is rooted in folk, and folk doesn’t deal with the anxiety that lives in rock or electronic music, folk music is connected with the inner calm of rural spaces, and their silence. I imagine Xiao He’s relationship with silence is the the thick canvas for his alluring loops and beats, that are not produced just with electronic machines.

“90’s” is a perfect song to make my case. Over ten minutes of a looping beat centered on a couple of notes rotating around themselves, and so it goes, and it goes, and it goes. And Xiao He sings, languid and gentle, childish and manly, and childish again he goes about love and misfortune, about narcissist manipulations, and about resignation. And the song goes on, looping on the same compasses over and over again, like a surrendered waltz.

Silly’s Ballad was released on 2011 under Maybe Mars label.


This is a video for the song with the lyrics in Chinese and English.

[Youtube video]



Buy Xiao He’s Silly’s Ballad on Tenzenmen’s Bandcamp.

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