Jazz for the Working Class

I first ran into when Dorian Concept came to town. I read their slogan and I was interested in them. That easy. So what?!

This is a simple and well done site. Every Monday they release a new mix  done especially for them by one producer (or composer, as Justas likes to call them) they dig. The design is creative, the concept is sweet, and the music is always in the neighborhood of downtempo, jazz, and triphop.

The creators of this site are from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania (in case you need a geography lesson, as I did). They are named Justas Fresh and Tadas Quazar. Justas and Tadas wanted a space to share thoughts and music that they were not hearing on the streets of Vilnius. You know, not dance music.

I think that a best description of their soul is the one you could read on their About Us:  “We are against the idea that a private flat is your life’s final destination which, when reached, means working for the bank until the end of your days.”

These two cats were soon joined by more guys. They developed their design (a pretty sweet one), did the Internet magic, and began to ask to producers they like to do some mixtapes for them. Since then, they have produced more than 130 mixes. Such as: Society for Musical Education, The Escape of Mingus, The Jazz Tape, Monday Mish Mosh, On Monday I Want to Die, Le Hip Hop C’est Mon Pote, Prelude to a Chair, and so many more you should listen to.

Later, they also began to produce live shows, bringing these producers to Vilnius. Last April, they celebrated their third year online. And this year they will do an international tour, bringing the beat power to corners of Europe (and probably to other continents, too, like, let’s say, Asia). Besides all that, they are also working on more ideas, maybe even creating their own label.

That’s how has turned to be a popular stop for beat lovers, and this is why you should check it out every Monday. Jazz for the Working Class!, that should sell like dumplings in China. Right?

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