Layabozi, Shanghai's Rock Martial Art

Kungfuology is Andy Best’s blog. Andy Best began his blog in 2008, a great vintage year for websites around the world, and since then it has become a nice and interesting source of discussion about music and other crafts around Shanghai’s e-neighborhoods. Andy is a writer, among other things, and he began his Shanghai writings in 2001, as he mentioned to us: “I always thought there were no good sites about the music here, in English or Chinese. I wrote for Shanghaiist for a bit, but I didn’t feel Shanghaiist was the right place to write about an underground scene. So I thought it would be easy to do it myself. That’s all.”

Kungfuology is mainly about the indie music culture in Shanghai, as it’s explained on the site: “When I say music scene I mean people who are forming bands and writing their own songs doing stuff like rock, indie pop, punk … you get the picture. You won’t find DJs or Jazz or whatever here.”  Andy has reviewed almost all the Chinese bands that have crossed YuyinTang’s stage, the most important stage for the indie rock scene in Shanghai.

Last year in July, he published a post informing us of a momentary pause in his blogging. He didn’t know what was going to happen with it, but he needed to stop it for now. It was bad news. It was too great a resource to lose. Fortunately, a fellow writer came to the rescue, Jake Newby. Jake took part of the controls of Kungfuology and kept it alive. Later on good news came again, when Andy began to periodically write back on his spot. Although he has become busy with another gig, Andy comes in once in a while with useful additions to the music community while Jake is the one keeping the rhythm. They began a podcast in November 2009,  including music shots, news, and comments about what’s going on in the Shanghainese music scene.

The documentation done by Kungfuology is a valued addition to our culture and those that know to listen already understand this. Jake and Andy have opened a series of discussions about music and other philosophies, becoming a good corner to stop at for thought-provoking, informative content. Kungfuology is a blog from Shanghai to appreciate with eyes and ears opened.

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