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The Internet is nice. And is one of the reasons why I say so. The way the Internet has opened music to people is marvelous. Any music nerd like me likes to know about the stories and legends of music. To find out about underlying stories is fun, interesting, and can become a source for inspiration.

I found SongMeanings when surfing for information about Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”. I found below the song lyrics a great amount of comments with stories about the song, some real, some not, stories about how the title is related to the The Lord of Rings, and about how this song was maybe about Aragorn, or about Odin’s war, and some analysis about what is Thor doing on the lyrics, and how maybe there are references there to Page’s emblem “ZoSo”, and that when they say “no quarter,” they mean no mercy. Isn’t this the nerd’s delicatessen?

I’ve tripped around SongMeanings for years, gaining many stories I didn’t know before. The site is well-thought out and well-kept. It’s a great idea. The search engine is a bit delicate, though. If you miss a word or misspell a word, then you don’t get a good result. So whenever you are in doubt of the title, confirm it first, or use the advanced search option on the site. The database is pretty vast. I’ve even found lyrics in Spanish discussed on it. People can add more lyrics in different languages, and then the comments begin with stories on each piece. I haven’t found any songs from China there, but hopefully one day I will.

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