Animal Collective's New Single

It’s Animal Collective time, today is the premier of their new single, “Today’s Supernatural”, the first song debuting from their album Centipede Hz to be released on September 3rd.

Animal Collective played the single last night during the launch of their own online radio show, another piece of the marketing installment to promote their new album. Or maybe they are just truly having fun.

Sometimes is not easy for me to just pass by the marketing attack, to forget about it, and just to listen to the music. Sometimes the marketing campaigns are louder than the music itself. But if we are aware of this, and focus on what’s important, the music, then we can actually really listen to the music only, and forget all the noise around it. I’m writing this for myself really, because I liked Animal Collective, but all the noise around their work the last years is a bit annoying, they unluckily became a band located in the bizarre territory where indie rock meets mainstream pop, a fundamental contradiction in music politics. Contradictions are absolutelly common and natural, but, you know, they are uncomfortable.

Anyway.  Back to the news.

Animal Collective radio will broadcast live every Monday at 2am GMT for the next three weeks (until Monday August 19th). Each week a different member of the band will host the show. Each show will feature big guests, and mixes produced by Animal Collective.  After the shows are over, they will be looping for the next twenty four hours, and later they will be available on MixCloud.

In addition to this, there’s an open invitation to create radio show mixes, that you can send them to be stream on their radio. The details to send your mix are on the link “your mix” at the bottom of Animal Collective Radio’s site.

“Today’s Supernatural” [Youtube Video]


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