Back and Ready to Kick

We are back! Safe! And CLEAN! We were attacked by a virus that came out last December. One wonders what is going on with these people creating viruses. They have nothing better to do with their lives for sure. I’ve got a little something for them, something I was thinking about all along, every minute of every day we were figuring out how to get rid of this evil creation from useless human beings (I’m totally angry with these people). So here it goes, specially for you, virus maker.

Molotov “Puto”

Done with that.

We are very happy to be back.

We were not the only ones having reparations in da house. The Shelter did a big work getting all pretty again, (as pretty as a shelter can become, of course). Last weekend they had pretty nice nights featuring the always cool Liman on Friday, and DJ Sick Trumpet along with Theo Croker and Jon Parker on trumpet and tenor sax, respectively. These were two nice nights at The Shelter. Changes are good when they are calling for a recharge of batteries, and we believe The Shelter is ready to grow even more and become a bigger deal on our Shanghainese scene.

The dearest YuYinTang also had a nice first weekend of the year. They began the year with a major concert featuring the Shanghai Band of the Year (for many wise men around), The Mushrooms. The house was full and the music that night is still on the memory of all those that were present.

But coming back to this last weekend: Saturday at YYT, Bigger Bang opened for Tookoo. And here I’ll get some people not agreeing with me possibly, but I believe that Tookoo showed that they are definitely much bigger than Bigger Bang. Why compare? Well, just because they share guitar and bass player and, that night, also the stage. No matter how cool they want to be in Bigger Bang, the music there needs more development. Looking cool is important, right, but you can’t have a successful concert, when during fifty minutes there is no change on the style of the sound, all along the same nnnnnnggnnnngggnnngggnnngg. Very rocky, yes, but some harmonies once in a while are nice, and grooves, grooves were missing a lot. They look really cool and irresistible, Pupi can handle  the stage very well, although if one really observes her during three songs, you can realize that, yes, her moves are well prepared and very attractive, but they are no more than two or three that are repeating over and over again. I mean, if you want to be cool, go for it, but be solid cool, enough of shallow cool for me (for a while at least). Pupi has a very nice voice, but I’m looking forward to listening to a more artistic, musical Bigger Bang.

Tookoo on the other hand, has become a mature band. It was very interesting how they managed to start in a total pop tone of rock, and they ended up with a very hard rock. They did a great tour around different styles of rock, extracting the coolest of every style (they are too cool. It is their thing). They were mostly very tight, although some endings were rough and abrupt. It was interesting to listen to them again after almost a year. They have grown better and stronger.

Sunday was all about folk with Canadian indie folk rock outfit Great Lake Swimmers. Against all odds, YuYinTang was packed with a crowd of big and tall people, mostly. There was a lot of talk about this show, but it was just not my cup of tea, to speak in the same language of the crowd there. Folk is nice, I like it, the singer had a very, very beautiful voice, but the melodies were just only simple, not simple after a process to find out simplicity, but just simple. Well, it could be just me in winter. The crowd was pretty happy; there was even someone calling for people to dance. I wonder how could you dance this music if not waltzing.

Considering the below-zero temperatures, the viruses in the air and the software, and the post-holiday rapture, 2010 has began in a perfect shape for Layabozi, how so?  Maybe the double zero in the year, the Tiger that’s is getting ready to assault full of orange vibes, who knows, but here, we have this hunch that HaiBao or no HaiBao, 2010 will be a great year for music in Shanghai. Music is out there everywhere; good, bad, nice, arrogant, creative, energetic, hungry, and thirsty for more, ready to conquer more ears and hearts. And so are we.

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