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Last ten days Layabozi has suffered the effects of being the baby of parents with intense lives. My bad, sorry guys, I just went through nightmare with my landlady, and I had to move before Tuesday morning. So, last week I didn’t even had the time to write this. Find and push as many real state guys I could find around, go to see lots of apartments that more than habitable spaces are little ships to bizarre architect’s minds, elaborate salvation plans to survive the actual landlady, use the little free time from this to go to meetings to work on Layabozi’s new project, and go again to see more apartments. Then move a big house in one day, and that day was Monday when it was raining a lot, and workers didn’t want to work. But the commandant in me came to life and I got the new place set up in one day, all furniture is in its place, we even got now a better Internet connection (yay!), and a studio that is now Layabozi’s headquarters (on the pic is a little view to the whole place)

Sorry I left the ship drifting, I couldn’t even seat to write a quick post with my mind in the chaos I was.  But all that is past now, we are back to operations. And soon we’ll surprise you with some very cool news that we’ve been cooking with my partners in crime, the old ones and the new ones. So come back, turn on the connection, and stay in tune. Things will start to get more exciting here.


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