"Secret" Daft Punk Show a Hoax

Daft Punk, winner of two Grammys yesterday, has no intention to come this weekend to Shanghai. Today Pitchfork published this news. We consider Pitchfork a serious media outlet, and believe what they say. Pitchfork spoke to Daft Punk’s PR who denied the duo would be performing this weekend in Shanghai. It was also confirmed that the website referred to on the facebook group is fake. If you were one of those who has already paid those 500Rmb, we recommend you call that phone number and ask either for a guarantee or your money back.

In case we want you to see very well the faces of Daft Punk. Our evil minds now are wondering if the idea was to get any two DJs in helmets and make them play in this venue. How would you recognize if those guys playing are really Daft Punk?

UPDATE: Layabozi has spoken with one of the five people hired to promote Daft Punk’s secret gig here in Shanghai, although we cannot reveal their identity (and let’s not forget that we were taken in by the scam, too). It was revealed that the guy running this event was a French dude under the name of “Andi” who said they were working with “We Love Art”; supposedly a French event production company.

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