Büromaschinen Has A New EP

Italian electro cosmic favorite of this music junkie, Büromaschinen, has just shared the news of his new EP to be released on December 13th with the German label Riot Riot.

The EP titled Fly To Her has three original tracks by Büromaschinen, and a remix by OPTIC, a house remix of the opening track “Endophone”. There is a preview for the four tracks  available for listening on Soundcloud. Just to hear the preview is easy to tell Fly To Her is another goal scored by Büromaschinen.


1. Endophone (Original Mix) – 05:11
2. Danmaku (Original Mix) – 06:31
3. Fly To Her (Original Mix) – 05:17
4. Endophone (OPTIC Remix) – 06:33



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