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Chacha is in Spain these days to play today at Rototom Festival, probably the biggest reggae festival around the world. Her concert is set to be at 2:30pm local time, that is at 8:30pm in China.

The Rototom festival originates in the Cultural Association Rototom and the creation of a music club for indie music in Italy during 1991. In 1994 they did the first Italian meeting of reggae on the club’s garden. From there they have grown to be the massive meeting that it is now, over 150.000 people, and ten days of concerts on their latest location in Benicassim, Spain.

The festival includes the participation of the most relevant bands of reggae from all over the planet, plus they do conferences of all kinds, peace, politics, natural medicine, rasta philosophy, African dance, arts, and more. They also show movies, do all kinds of arts show, offer natural therapies, etc. etc. And they take pride on being an event free of violence, where the main idea is to promote tolerance, solidarity, and those things that should never be forgotten really.

Okay. So Chacha plays today there. Drunk Monk will be by her side with the beats of course. And if you want to know how that goes then thanks to unknown creative geeks now you can either connect to Radio Rototom, or Rototom Tv to listen to, or watch the live transmission.  And there are still lots of artists to go, so go check out the line up.

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