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Core bands in China, read carefully and then get into it.

The guys at Rock In China are organizing this awesome contest to create a compilation with the best core  talents in China.  They will carefully choose these twenty bands, and really carefully, in my experience with Rock In China when you talk about core and rock with them, they are not playing games, they are hell serious about it. I advice you, core makers, this is a great chance for you.

The men behind Rock In China, Yang and Azchael, will contact each of the bands that participate to get to know them as well as they can before they select them to be part of Core In China. Once they choose, the twenty bands will come out on a compilation album, and they will be feature in a great deal of media around Asia and Europe and probably who knows where else, because they are still working on this, and they will keep on linking with more magazines and media to give to these twenty bands the best support they can, and I want to add, I’m confident that Rock In China will take these twenty bands to places where the band alone couldn’t have reached by themselves without a lot of work. This experience will sure help the selected bands to become professional rockers.

Until now Core In China’s benefits include their appearance in the album that will be release for free, and coverage in several specialized media including Bunnywarren, Musikreviews, Painkiller, Rock In China, Layabozi and more.  The bands have until the end of February to present to Core In China.

For more information and the details of the contest go to Core In China.

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